Reunion Sounds
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Arnaud Sound Files from Reunion

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Flashback to Pilot - "You killed my brother."  "So what, I'll kill mine, we'll be even." 252k 160k
"Hello Fawkes.  Nice to see you again." 130k 83k
"Arnaud.  So you're not dead."  "Sorry to disappoint you." 123k 79k
Solving a minimal information problem...." 610k 388k
"Did you have a point?"  "My point is...or that your uncle had brought them here." 352k 224k
"So I guess you tore up the basement."  "I did...Hence the ruse..." 442k 281k
"So he's dead?"  "Very"  " 'd you dig up the body?"  "Absolutely." 255k 163k
"Wait a minute. I heard his voice."  "It's a voice digitizer..." 254k 161k
"Where's the body?"  "Buried near the grave.  Very makeshift.  I would've taken more care, but I was pressed for time." 188k 120k
"Let me share something with you.  A secret.  We believe what we want to believe, and you didn't want to believe that your brother was dead.  The rest was all smoke and mirrors.  Thank you." 390k 248k
"Oh, and since you're so interested in being reunited with your brother..."  "Drop the gun or I'm gonna unite your head to the ceiling."  "Well I wondered when the hell you were gonna get here."  "You try walking through those damn woods.  It's like the last reel of the Blair Witch Project." 340k 216k
"What is so funny?"  "Oh, I was just thinking of a little cartoon I saw when I was a young boy.   You know, there's a little fish being swallowed by an even larger fish, who in turn is being swallowed by an even larger fish." 408k 260k
Here's your choice Fawkes.  Me, or the papers.  You can't have both.  Think about it.  Maybe you can find a way to get that gland out....  Maybe not." 422k 268k